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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mr. Grumpy wonders

Getting ready to make the French toast run after all the blankety-blank dirt-encrusted mounds finally melted...
  • What happens to political sources who decline to be identified because they aren't authorized to speak? Water-boarding? A raise?
  • Are you really surprised about the state of political journalism when the big feet these days are all one-time political operatives? Let's talk about Chris Matthews and Tip O'Neill? Or George Stephanopoulos and Bill Clinton? Or how about Bill Kristol and Dan Quayle? Or the granddaddy of them all, Roger Ailes and Richard Nixon. The first mistake in Wikipedia's Matthews profile is calling him a journalist.
  • What exactly was George Bush smoking or drinking in proclaiming there would be a Middle East peace treaty by the time he leaves office? Seven years of neglect on his part, 60 years of failure and he's talking a deal?
  • In a related vein, how come the MBTA is "broke" after the major fare increase last year? Why haven't we heard how much money it generated or how many riders it sent to their cars? And why hasn't Deval Patrick canned this guy yet?

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