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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Plowed in the snow

Since only a fool would stick his or her neck out in predicting the results of tomorrow night's Iowa caucuses (yes, I know, many of you think I fall into that category), I'm going to turn my attention to a far more mundane topic -- snow plows.

No, not the thing you do on the slopes. Rather it is the bladed vehicles that push back the snow that clogs our roads in winter. And lately, put people in the hospital or the morgue.

Sure it's true that many plow operators are tired from working all night. But that's hardly an excuse for bad behavior. And it really doesn't come close to excusing the fact that in these four recent incidents the operators either took off after hitting the pedestrian or were driving with an expired license.

But the bigger issue here is the one that puts pedestrians in the street in the first place. It's called impassable sidewalks -- caked and covered in ice and snow days and often weeks after local ordinances require them to be shoveled.

Clean sidewalks are just like other traffic and pedestrian laws -- ignored by authorities and therefore flouted by walkers. And sadly, even when people are dying, it's likely nothing will be done.

Oh yeah, we could call Mitt (you think I could let him pass entirely?)

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