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Friday, January 25, 2008

Post-game analysis

The (not so) early reviews on Deval Patrick's budget and speech are in and their are some interesting tidbits to add to the mix.

  • Speaker Sal DiMasi may have gotten louder applause but Patrick enters year two of the battle in far better shape than his critics assume, Herald snark notwithstanding. The Statehouse News Service poll, found the governor's personal image still strong with 52 percent of respondents favoring his overall approach to major issues, while 28 percent preferred the Legislature‚Äôs, a split at least partly attributable to Patrick's stronger name recognition. He also won almost majority support (49 percent) in the question over whether he should take on the Legislature more aggressively, compared to 41 percent said he should be more cooperative.
  • That acknowledgment, and DiMasi's comment that "I was very happy about is that he focused mostly on the similarities we have, not the differences. He focused on the commonality of issues that the Legislature and he envision as being core issues for Massachusetts." suggests a far-more conciliatory tone that makes action possible.

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