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Monday, January 14, 2008

Putting your money where your mouth is

With the polls still all over the place, one of gauges over political support can be found in reading the fund-raising figures. And Myth Romney has a problem there.

It is significant enough that many leading Massachusetts Republicans have cast their lot elsewhere (Paul Cellucci with Rudy Giuliani and Jane Swift with John McCain).

But the Herald reports that even those who are with Myth don't seem interested in putting their money where their mouths are.

A Herald review has found only nine out of 27 Bay State GOP politicians who are supporting Romney actually ponied up money for his campaign. None came close to the maximum donation of $4,600 allowed under federal law.

The excuses range from, “I’ve got kids in college,” to “I just got married,” to those who hadn’t “gotten around” to writing a check.

Several officials contacted by the Herald said they “thought” they had contributed but couldn’t say when. After being reminded that donations made before Sept. 30, 2007, are posted publicly on the Federal Election Commission Web site, most of those officials remembered they had not donated.

“It just shows that (Romney’s Republican supporters) are paying lip service to him, but deep down they really feel no connection to him,” said Thomas Whalen, professor of politics at Boston University.

And the other way around. Another reason why he probably hasn't been leaking his fourth quarter fundraising numbers.

Meanwhile, the Mittser can take mixed messages from polls showing him slightly behind or ahead in Michigan -- but slipping behind Mike Huckabee nationally, with his favorability dropping.

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