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Friday, January 18, 2008

Rush Limbaugh is a big fat Oxycontin head

I don't get it. How does an admitted drug abuser continue to hold sway with the "Values Voter"?

Rush Limbaugh, the radio arm of the Republican Party, is at it again in his role as kingmaker -- talking up Myth Romney while trashing John McCain and Mike Huckabee, much to to love of his slavish devoted fans.

Joel has already called the nomination for Slick Willard as a result of Rush's backing and while I was initially skeptical, I'm not entirely convinced that Joel is wrong. The Limbaugh phenomenon is real.

Right wing demagogues and radio go together like mint and julep. Father Charles Coughlin. The Rev. Carl McIntire. Aimee Semple McPherson. These were among the pioneers who mixed radio, religion, politics and morality to sway people -- particularly through hard times.

Ironically Limbaugh appeals to the same crowd, but without even the patina of religious credentials. In fact, he and fellow right wing yakmeister Bill Bennett -- who lectured on virtue while gambling away millions -- seem to be going strong simply by admitting their sins and moving on. Sort of like Redemption 'R Us.

The forgiveness (or tolerance) they engender may seem to reflect the Christian love they claim to espouse, but somehow it doesn't translate into their view of fellow men (and we can skip right over Donovan McNabb and African-American babies).

No, it's the fury that Limbaugh in particular, heaps on anyone who fails to adhere to his narrow world view. Working his wrath in the name of Romney, Rush has heaped the ultimate epithet, liberal, on Huckabee. He worked his magic earlier on McCain over immigration, ticking off the Moralizer-in-Chief in the process.

Somehow Rush roils on, basking in the power of redemptive love.

But there could be a light at the end of the tunnel. Leave it to a Brit to offer a more rational view of the irrationality that is gripping Limbaugh Nation -- McCain Derangement Syndrome:
The proof of the power of McCain Derangement Syndrome is that its sufferers have flocked in their madness to Mitt Romney as the only decent conservative alternative. Mr Romney, an immaculately coiffed and coutured 60-year old with a beguiling smile and a dreamy look, is a kind of Dorian Gray figure. But somewhere in an attic there must be a portrait of him that reflects the intellectual contortions, moral compromise and shameless dishonesty that has characterised his bid for the presidency.

If Myth Romney is Limbaugh's last best hope, there may be hope for the rest of us instead.

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