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Monday, January 07, 2008

Spinning out of control

As the clock winds down the hours to the New Hampshire primary, our Man Myth continues to unwind too. A few examples, courtesy of an interview with The Politico:
  • Mitt Romney, a dominant favorite in New Hampshire just weeks ago, said Sunday that a "close second" to Arizona Sen. John McCain would be a significant feat on Tuesday ... Romney said that would be impressive considering the attention McCain has paid the state over the past eight years.
Accept the obvious truism of the poll numbers and reflect on the fact that Massachusetts candidates, whether they win the nomination or not, must win New Hampshire to be considered viable. Especially one who owns a summer home in the state.
  • Romney acknowledged that the “flip-flop” label has hurt him, though he said it is unfair.
Good thing we know that his religious tenets prevent him from drinking and smoking. Otherwise, he sounds like Roger Clemens. I suspect his advisers suggested that he not say that he believes that his positions have evolved.
  • Romney said tension inside his campaign over strategic decisions has not been a big deal. He blamed reporters — not his advisers — for forcing him to focus intensely on his conservative views instead of the message of change he is carrying to every event in New Hampshire.
You know they are in trouble when they drag out the "blame the media" trope.

Now, toss in the fact the Myth Man was forced to concede that ads where he says "I approved this message" were "simply incorrect" in defining John McCain's stance on immigration and you find a candidate in a deep pickle.

There is no question that Romney has the personal financial resources to soldier on past Tuesday should he lose New Hampshire as poll suggest. Nor is there little doubt that he has the hubris.

But it's likely that he will be sinking only personal funds in the campaign with a second major loss -- donors will not buy the "one gold, two silver" strategy, particularly if the silvers came in states that were his to lose.

The wealthy Iranian-American supporters probably won't be as eager to lend their digs to a fund-raiser who can't raise funds. Or win elections.

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