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Sunday, February 17, 2008

All this -- and a penny more

The Globe has had a thing recently for trend stories -- everything from Vermont cheese makers to mausoleum builders. Let's see if they can spot a new trend.

Today's City Weekly includes a story about a Hyde Park neighborhood without consistent delivery service by the US Postal Service. Reading the story I recognized many of the excuses:
  • An "eight-hour" route that no one wants;
  • It arrives it different hours every day, if it arrives at all;
  • It's dark!
Mrs. OL and I have been in a pitched battle with the Postal Service for about six months now. The sins include failing to honor a vacation hold; delivering mail from other streets; leaving first class mail on the stoop and the granddaddy of 'em all -- failing to deliver a card with a $1,200 check inside.

Calls to the local branch were met with what can only be called condescension. Multiple follow-up calls with "customer service" folks downtown resulted in no change. Even after the complaint was kicked up to a "higher" level I was greeted by phone tag and an administrative assistant who never seemed to allow word of my returned calls to get through her filter.

I bet if the Globe dug a little deeper they would find this scene repeated in lots of neighborhoods around greater Boston. The timing would be right too -- considering we are now about the shell out yet another penny for "first class" delivery.

The only "forever" about the postal service is the lousy service.

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