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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Be careful what you wish for

A quick question to Somervillians and Medfordians eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Green Line to their communities: Why?

First, you need to recall that promises, particularly when it comes to the Green Line, are notoriously flexible. Enjoy riding those three-car trains? Notice how service has improved on Commonwealth Avenue since they closed those four stops?

This is a line that currently only extends one route as far as Lechmere, which will simply be a midpoint on the road to Medford and Somerville. While that can and will no doubt change, it's worth noting it's the shortest route -- originating at Heath Street. Nonetheless, it takes forever.

And let's not forget the MBTA has been making and breaking promises about service along Centre Street and out to Arborway on that same Heath Street route since they took that part of the line down in 1985.

The Green Line currently has too few cars running too erratic service. Smilin' Dan Grabuaskas has shown no inclination that he knows how to make the trains run on time. Do you think those problems will be solved by 2014 or 2018 or 2525?

Buses may be slow, messy and unreliable. But so is the Green Line.



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