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Friday, February 08, 2008

Conservatives behaving badly

My goodness, from their behavior you would think they're Democrats. Two hours after Myth Romney left the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference, John McCain, the Republican heir apparent took the stage:
In a moment that will long be remembered by Republicans, he was greeted with jeers as well as cheers.
Now that it's all over except for the shouting, it's clear that Myth Romney's treason monkeys withdrawal sets the baseline for the Republican defense of the White House. And while Subject-Verb 9-11 failed to capture the hearts and minds of the Red Meat Eaters, it was his tangled personal life and not his message that was the root of the problem.

With the economy heading south with the efficiency of the Red Sox equipment bus, the Elephant Party knows it's in trouble when George Bush's endorsement is necessary to buck up the hearts and minds of the party's conservative core.

And that means Fear and Smear is on the agenda for the fall. It is, after all, the Republican Party's tried and true victory tool. Jack up the other guy's negatives to make your own seem the lesser of two evils.

McCain echoed the treason monkeys theme:
McCain suggested Al Qaeda had plotted the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks during Bill Clinton's presidency, and that electing a Democrat to the White House would return to an era of "timidity and wishful thinking at a time when we averted our eyes from terrible threats to our security that were so plainly gathering strength abroad."
Barack Obama countered Romney (and the argument) head on, for what will definitely not be the last time.
"That's the kind of poorly-thought-out statement that led him to drop out. It's a classic attempt to appeal to people's fears that will not work in this campaign. And I think that's part of the reason he was such an ineffective candidate."
But what is now clear is that once again, the GOP will cater to their own very special interest, those who consider McCain's record of military service, support for conservative policies and own history of kowtowing to them insufficient.

That means that the smell of fear will be spread across the land this year. We deserve better. But for the Elephant Party, self-preservation is more important that comity. Or solutions.

But at least we can enjoy Rush ripping McCain.

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