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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Don't count those chickens yet

Many of us up here in the Northeast are rejoicing about the fact we have good choices rather than false ones when we head to the voting booths. After all, George Bush is becoming an increasing irrelevancy and a Clinton-Obama choice is an historic one.

Not so fast.

Down there in the Heartland, as we like to call it, things look different, as a reporter from the liberal New York rag found in a visit to Columbia, Tenn.
I wish there was somebody worth voting for,” said Buford Moss, a retired Union Carbide worker sitting at the back table of Bucky’s Family Restaurant here, with a group of regulars, in a county seat that — as the home of the 11th president, James K. Polk — is one of the ancestral homelands of Jacksonian Democracy.

“The Democrats have left the working people,” Mr. Moss said.

“We have nobody representing us,” he continued, adding that he was “sad to say” he had voted previously for Mr. Bush. He was considering sitting out this election altogether. “Anyone but Obama-Osama,” he said, chuckling at a designation that met with mirthful approval at the table.

That not so mirthful moment was followed up with another snide remark:
“You get Peloski up there and they say we’ve lost the war, and that just fuels our adversaries,” said Mr. Hickman, incorrectly pronouncing the name of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Remember, these are the "values voters" (as opposed to the rest of us heathens) and they usually turn out to vote, although that may be tested if the Republican select John McCain. These have been the voters who decide elections -- shenanigans in Florida and Ohio would have been irrelevant without them.

Whether they were just playing with the reporter from the Yankee rag, or as clueless as they appear, their votes count, something liberals should remember as they pick sides in a personality conflict between two Democrats who would be just fine.

And it's something those Democrats should recall as they (and one spouse) keep slashing and burning the other.

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