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Monday, February 04, 2008

Life imitates sports

There are lessons for the candidates in The New York Giants stunning win over the New England Patriots -- starting with that big one of inevitability.

Which is why Hillary Clinton should have been a bit more diplomatic in her post-game razzing of Patriots' fans after Eli Manning found Plaxico Burress all alone in the end zone. Told that Barack Obama was lining up with endorsers Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Deval Patrick. she declared:
“They can redeem themselves on Tuesday – they can vote for a winner.”
Let's see if anyone reminds her of that comment -- or the parallels to her race with Obama -- at her two Bay State rallies today.

The there's the matter of trash talk. Some people obviously have no business trying it and that includes that other "front runner."

It sounds as if Mitt Romney backer Bob White committed the cardinal sin of celebrating too early, handing out Patriots' victory hats to the traveling press.

And Mitt, who appeared to pass up the chance to watch the game on AP reporter Glen Johnson's laptop, apparently has gotten used to missing obvious outcomes, waiting until the 35-second mark to decide “I think we better start getting nervous.”

But alas, like CBS reporter Bob Conroy, Romney was forced to accept another silver.

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