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Monday, February 18, 2008

Straight Talk Local

Conventional wisdom has it that John McCain's popularity with independents is his unwillingness to pander. After all, isn't this the guy who told Michiganders that the auto industry jobs they lost aren't coming back?

Leave aside the fact that he backed away from that one almost immediately. Instead, reflect on the "new" McCain, the one who says torture may be acceptable if the alternative is limiting CIA options.

Now McCain is venturing into an area he admits isn't his strength: the economy. The Straight Talk Express just about ran off the road with McCain's latest pronouncement that he is against any taxes, any time, for any reason. In fact, he's all for more tax cuts if it would stimulate the economy.

How are you going to pay for your 100-year war in Iraq? Or Bomb Iran? Or meet your promise to solve the problem of the alternative minimum tax?

After being greeting with boos by the Red Meat Assembly known as the Conservative Political Action Conference, McCain has been taking the Straight Talk Express on a series of right turns. And so it's appropriate to ask who's the real McCain: the "maverick" or the panderer?

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