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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

True befuddlement

If anyone insist they know exactly what's happening the the presidential nomination process, they are lying.

About the only thing clear this morning is that John McCain has momentum and a delegate lead heading out of Super Tuesday. Myth Romney's millions have managed to put him into a psychological tie with a resurgent Mike Huckabee.

McCain finally hit the 50 percent mark (in the blue states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) but he still faces significant challenges from of all people, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

As for our man Myth, he says he's soldiering on, but as always, you don't know which side of the mouth he is speaking from.

On the Democratic side, there's no clearcut winner, although Hillary Clinton certainly can take bragging rights by winning the bluest prize of all, Massachusetts -- despite the decision by our two senators and governor to back Barack. Winning California certainly doesn't hurt either, but the delegate allocation process is a lot harder to call a win that getting into Teddy's face.

Democrats never like to do anything easy and 2008, despite all the obvious advantages, will prove no different. Already out there is a scenario where Obama wins the elected delegates, but Clinton takes the super delegates and the nomination.

McCain-Clinton could be a Democratic nightmare (not that the Arizona senator would win New York over her but let's look where he was strong enough to actually top 50 percent). Hillary seems to be able to draw the white working class vote, but what about all those men who despise her? But what if Limbaugh and Co. are true to the bluster and support Hillary over McCain, who hasn't been able to collect a majority in any of the Red States?

It's also entirely possible that large numbers of voters could simply sit on their hands in November, unhappy with both choices.

Confused? You're not alone.

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