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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What the huck is goin' on?

Waiting for California, it's clear that Mike Huckabee has had a very good night and Myth Romney, not so much. As of this writing, Romney has taken his home states of Massachusetts and Utah, while John McCain and Huckabee have cleaned his clock elsewhere.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton proved I have to broaden my circle of friends, none of whom said they were going to vote for her. Nonetheless, Clinton -- backed by Mayor Tom Menino, House Speaker Sal DiMasi an Senate President Terry Murray, thrashed Barack Obama dn his team of John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Deval Patrick.

Nationally, Clinton appears to be a bit stronger than Obama, but the big unknown is delegate distribution.

The most interesting comment I heard on ABC (and can't find on their website) are exit poll numbers that show Obama and McCain with significant crossover appeal -- that is the ability to pull independents into their column. For the Democrats, it was something along the lines of 58-31, which means Obama will definitely live to fight another day.

As for Romney, that will hinge on his ability to take California and other Western states. No one foresaw the re-emergence of Huckabee -- but that will be the takeaway message of the night.

Off to sleep.

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