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Saturday, February 09, 2008

While you were out...

With all the attention we devoted to the race to rid of us George Bush, Ol' 43 managed to slither around and do those things he does that makes us count down the days:
  • Bush continues to defy Congress and the Constitution with signing statements that in effect say "nyah, nyah, you can't make me"on topics ranging with Iraq and Darfur (not to mention torture);
  • Meanwhile, Senate Republicans stonewalled efforts to add "luxuries" like unemployment benefits and heating assistance to an economic stimulus bill. Noticeable by his absence on the cloture vote was putative GOP presidential nominee John McCain, not wishing to be recorded on a tough vote.
All in all, another good week to recall that whatever difference may exist between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, they are marginal compared to the ways in wish Bush and McCain are united.

Had enough yet?

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