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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Can you hear me now?

The Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board had some good news for Massachusetts taxpayers -- but something that the Verizon may not want to hear.

The board has decided to close a curious loophole and require Verizon to pay taxes on poles and wires that dangle over public property. The utility must now pay taxes only on poles and wire on private property.

For cash-strapped cities and towns -- and their beleaguered property taxpayers -- this could be good news to the tune of about $78 million. That can pay for quite a few police officers, firefighters and teachers.

Our friends at the phone company are likely going to appeal the ruling, so don't spent that savings just yet. And no doubt they will tell us once again about all the wonderful investments they make in our lives.

Sorry, I'm not buying that bridge.

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