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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hillarack Clintama for President

Hillarack Clintama would be a phenomenal candidate to blast John McCain and the Republicans in November.

But alas, it appears the Democrats have not yet learned to play in the same sandbox. And as a result, the specter of Myth Romney looms above the land again.

Leave aside the trash talk from Samantha Power and Geraldine Ferraro and you have two evenly matched candidates with strong bases. Hillary Clinton has been strong in traditional big blue Democratic states, Barack Obama has shown strength in the purple and red states the Democrats usually forfeit.

His strength among young voters and African-Americans has been impressive, as has her supports among women and Hispanics.

And with yesterday's win in Mississippi, Obama maintains a significant, but ultimately insufficient margin to win the nomination.

As a team, they would truly be unstoppable. As Democrats, they don't know to get along and put needs of the nation above their own.

Clinton talking up Obama as a No. 2 was a great example of the audacity of, well something. He has a delegate lead she is not going to surmount without some nasty infighting involving superdelegates, infighting that would like ensure John McCain wins.

The media's turn on Obama after Clinton's calculated but inaccurate assault on alleged bias, has further muddled the picture -- amplifying Obama's tactical missteps. Of course, Eliot Spitzer's idiocy does nothing but remind Democrats and the nation about a certain high-ranking member of the Clinton team.

The result is a virtual deadlock -- in votes and in opinions. The situation has turned the sports metaphors from baseball and football to boxing and chess -- from finesse and tactics to brutality and cerebral solutions to tactical challenges.

There's a lot of time now until Pennsylvania votes on April 22. Enough for Clinton and Obama and their surrogates to rip each other to pieces and ensure McCain and more of the same.

It's time for the candidates to ease off from their rugged campaign schedules and find away to get along. A team that can capitalize on the intense interest generated by this battles -- and the desire for change it represents -- is in the nation's good.

It's time to subsume egos, face facts and unify. As Clinton supporter Ed Rendell has said, Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton, it's all the same as long as the result is an end to the Republican debacle. Maybe they could work alternate weeks in the Oval Office?

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Blogger Ian McCarty said...

I think you hit it on the head when you illustrate the difference between the kinds of victories each candidate is tallying. Clinton is much stronger in states a Democrat needs to win in order to take the national election. Further, Clinton has been stronger on "issues" and Obama is much stronger on "ideals."
Regardless of the delegate lead Obama has, the reality of this scenario is that Clinton/Obama ticket (Obama for VP) is so logical and attractive that it is an outrage that Obama has been so vociferous in denouncing such an arrangement.
The good of the party needs to be considered, not that of the candidate.

March 14, 2008 1:02 PM  

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