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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ho Yes!

The Post had a field day. The Times opted to take some credit. The political world could just stand there with mouth agape at the whole thing.

Eliot Spitzer, the crusading attorney general turned governor, who built his career on exposing the dirty laundry of others, who rode his moral streak to Albany and raised thoughts about the first Jewish president, got caught with his knickers down. Literally.

What is it about politicians, who seem to be among the world leaders in saying one thing and doing another? Doesn't matter whether the name is Spitzer or Foley, Clinton or Gingrich. What is it that prompts these men to go off the rails by saying one thing and doing another?

Newt Gingrich will always remain at the top of my list for having an affair while leading the charge against Bill Clinton over Monica Gate.

But hubris comes in many styles, shapes and colors. Michael Dukakis was long on the belief that he was the only one with all the correct ideas. Deval Patrick certainly appears to be a man with little doubt about his own rectitude and the failings of others.

Then there's George Bush. Whether it's hubris or abject stupidity, there are few people who have ever appeared on the American scene so full of themselves to the point where everyone else disappears.

The allegations against Spitzer are mind-boggling. No, not the $1,000 a night hookers, Here you have a man who made his reputation rooting out efforts at financial hanky-panky working furiously to cover the tracks of how he paid for the $1,000 a night hookers!

In the mind of Eliot Spitzer, no one was capable of using the simple, basic detective work he employed to root out shenanigans.

Of course politicians aren't the only ones guilty of saying one thing and doing another (hello Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker and Bernie Law, a very special case indeed). Recent American history is filled with hypocrites from business and religion, to name two. And there are plenty of unnamed, unknown working men and women who fall into traps too.

But politicians and priests always fall the hardest because they take it upon themselves to tell people how to run their lives. Good reason for all politicians to stop that annoying tendency.

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