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Monday, March 31, 2008

It's Tribe Time, again

Time to step out of character again. You see, for some of us not into beer for breakfast, today is Opening Day.

And when Peter Gammons is predicting your team will win the World Series, well, its worth taking notice.

When last we looked, the Cleveland Indians had blown a 3-1 advantage over the Red Sox. I heard some rumors about a four-game sweep over the Colorado Rockies, but it hardly mattered to me. Red Sox fans have shed the "long suffering" label. Not so Indians fans.

Our movie is Major League, not Fever Pitch. The Curse of the Bambino has nothing on the Curse of Rocky Colavito. Louis Sockalexis hung up his spikes long before Jacoby Ellsbury was a twinkle in his parents' eyes. Then there's our logo.

So when Gammons, baseball expert and Bostonian that he is, picks the Tribe to top the Braves in a replay of the Politically Incorrect World Series of 1995 it makes you sit up and take notice.

And when Buster Olney takes the Tribe over the Cubs (the only team in America that would make the Indians the sentimental underdog) you definitely get a bit of pennant fever.

Growing up, the Indians were always out of the race by the end of April. The '90s revival was magic -- even though they 100-win Indians lost to the Braves in '95 and choked against the Marlins -- the Marlins -- two years later. Then Manny and Thome and the gang moved on and things returned to "normal."

Now they're back, giving the Red Sox a solid scare last year. And while the Detroit Tigers looks like the 21st Century version of 1927 Yankees Murderer's Row, the old line about good pitching beating good hitting rings in my head.

As long as it is the CC Sabithia and Fausto Carmona of the regular season and not the ALCS.

The Politically Incorrect Ohioan says see you in October.

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