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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Misplaced priorities

Oil has topped $110 a barrel. Gold is over $1,000 an ounce. Wall Street firms are crumbling under the weight of their bad decisions. The dollar is worth about as much as today's newspaper stocks. The official arbiter of recessions says we're in one and its going to be as bad as anything since World War II. And US soldiers are still dying in Iraq.

Meanwhile, George Bush continues to have his head up an appropriate orifice, when he's not systematically stripping Americans of their rights.

But what are we talking about? Eliot Spitzer's bimbo eruptions. Geraldine Ferraro doing unto Barack Obama what Barbara Bush did to her during her trailing blazing candidacy. And whether Obama has appropriately denounced or repudiated his pastor.

At least this should put to rest uncertainty over whether he is a Muslim.

Ferraro's sliming of Obama has been thrashed over the the point of nausea, but little attention has been paid to the fact that is the same woman who denigrated for her gender when she shared the Democratic ticket in 1984.

Meanwhile, the Clinton Scorched Earth Policy continues to link Obama to the words of his pastor -- even as Obama has renounced, denounced and repudiated them without doing the same to the man who baptized his children.

Obviously it's in Clinton's best interests to raise doubts about the man who leads in total delegates. And the news media, after getting slapped around by Saturday Night Live, think they need to focus on Obama.

So we are presented with false choices and red herrings at just the time all three candidates need to be pressed on serious issues -- like what's happening to the financial and moral foundation of the United States.

What a country.

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Anonymous Micheal Wynn said...

That is politics for you. Thats how it works.The one thing that we, as a democracy should never lose sight of is the fact that the people of a nation come first.Sadly , though, that is the one point that loses importance the soonest.

March 15, 2008 11:25 AM  

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