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Friday, March 21, 2008

Now back to our regularly scheduled program

The casino bill is dead for the year (vampires have a better chance to rise from the grave than bills from study committees). There was substantial debate -- over more than a dozen hours in committee and on the House floor and Speaker Sal DiMasi has a major notch on his belt.

It's now up to the various parties to lick their wounds -- but they better do it quickly because a lot happened while we were immersed in this battle.

Gov. Deval Patrick has to shore things up with his base. Reading Blue Mass Group a year ago, you would have thought its as the official blog of the Deval Patrick Fan Club. Today, not so much.

There's a lot of disillusionment over there. Many of the critics are just the people Patrick needs -- young and idealistic. This was a shock to their system and he has another "transportation infrastructure" problem in rebuilding his bridges. How he does it will be interesting.

Of more immediate concern, he has a $1.3 billion dollar budget gap and a health care reform law bleeding money at an alarming rate.

While DiMasi made sure he rubbed his victory in with a resounding victory, Patrick learned a valuable, if painful lesson. As New Bedford Democratic Sen. Mark Montigny told the Globe:
"In the long run, the governor is stronger. He basically participated and led the way in the very messy process called democracy."
While Patrick is the short-term loser, he has gained valuable experience -- and political chits. There are undoubtedly a number of lawmakers who are seriously disillusioned with the Speaker -- who has had to work very hard to keep his majority leader, John Rogers, from campaigning for the job DiMasi is not ready to give up.

Rep. Brian Wallace may be the poster child for disgruntled DiMasi supporters. The South Boston Democrat took a bullet for the team when he voted to kill the gay marriage amendment. He was upfront in his casino support and told the Herald he was not all that thrilled with the outcome -- and the process.
“This is a sad day for me. Not because the governor’s bill is going to be defeated, it’s a sad day for me because of the way the governor’s bill was defeated.”
All's fair in love, war and politics. But it's good to keep your friends for tough times -- which are now. And the Speaker bruised a lot of feelings -- and probably a few arms -- in claiming his victory.

Which brings us back to reality. Health care costs rising while revenue is static or declining is a bad prescription. And now comes Steve Bailey to rain on the parade he helped DiMasi lead.

While many, including me, have given DiMasi credit for ushering through a rax credit for the film industry that has turned the Bay State into Hollywood East, Bailey reveals that the emperor made be a nudist.
At a time when we are fighting about closing corporate tax loopholes, Massachusetts has opened up a gusher for the movie industry. It would be worth determining what we are getting for our money before we widen the gusher still further as is about to happen, no questions asked.
Large budget gap. Check. Recession eliminating meager appetite for taxes of any sort. Check. Bruised feelings among unions leaders, always hungry race track owners and DiMasi loyalists. Check. The likelihood of a Senate ready to assert itself after being left on the sidelines in the DiMasi-Patrick steel cage grudge match? Check.

It might be worth checking back at the end of July to see who is taking the victory flag at the end of this very ugly race.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

AH YES, Another bill shuffled away to a commitee that'll never see the light of day!!!! Premier DeMasi and his regime of communist allies, AKA our elected officials, will keep the traffic flowing to CT and RI to do our gambling.

I'm glad to see that King Sal and his court jesters have our best interests at hand. He said, "This is a big loss for special interest groups, unions, and deep pocketed gaming industry types." " It's a big win for the people of Massachusetts." That's funny!!!! For one thing, who the hell do you think helps Sal and pals? Blue Mass Group? Sounds special interest to me!!! For another thing, I don't recall being asked how I feel about the matter!!! Oh, I'm sorry!!! We voted, well not me personally, you and your commie pinko prudes into office!!! You won't let the common folk vote on it!!! Even if you did grace us with that bit of democracy, you'd find a way to sink it. Just like the lowering of taxes we voted on or a chance to vote on GAY MARRIAGE!!!

I do gamble on occasion!!! Maybe I'll wind up becoming addicted and doing a home invasion on a wealthy family in Newton to feed my gambling habit!!! GET REAL DeMasi!!!! Stop trying to be our parent!!! We citizens were already raised and need not be told by you and your cronies what's good or bad for us!!!! Stop taking away our freedom of choice!!!! No wonder why we citizens are refered to as MASSHOLES!!! WE HAVE YOU IN A POSITION OF ULTIMATE AUTHORITY!!! LONG LIVE THE COMMIEWEALTH REPUBLIC OF MASSHOLIA!!!

If anyone agrees with me, it's time we put an end to this charade they like to call "State Government". It's all up to us!!!

March 21, 2008 8:28 AM  

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