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Saturday, March 08, 2008

We're in a bagel

One of the more humorous exchanges in the Barlet White White involved Josh Lyman talking economics with aides Larry and Ed. Josh was mortified the aides were using the "R" word to discuss the economy.
Larry: "If the economy is heading into a recession--"
Josh: "No, no, no. We don't ever use that word around here."
Ed: "What word? Recession? ...What should we call it then?"

Josh: "I don't care. Call it a boat show or a beer garden or a bagel."

Larry: "So if it is a... bagel, the Fed thinks it's gonna be a mild bagel."
Well folks, despite all the dancing around Wall Street and among the current Oval Office occupants, it's clear we're in a bagel and there is apprehension this one is going to be loaded with everything.

Let's look at the facts:
The Bush administration response? Continue to whistle in the graveyard and insist that good times are just around the corner.

Didn't Herbert Hover also say that? The check's in the mail response of George Bush and Congress doesn't come close to attacking the underlying problems of spending too much on two wars while ignoring the growing domestic calamity coming from the human and financial resources that are being squandered.

Things aren't a whole lot better on the state level, where we have Deval Patrick and Sal DiMasi in an increasingly nasty war of words over the pros and cons of casinos and the potential revenues they may or may not bring.

Here's hoping Rep. David Flynn is correct in saying Patrick's three-casino proposal is about to have the plug pulled. Because then, at least one level of government will be able to turn to reality.

Me, I like my bagel with a schmear.

(Graphic from The New York Times 3-8-08)

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