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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Finneran's Finances

WRKO yak show host Tom Finneran is about to start moonlighting.

The former speaker and convicted felon who hosts an infotainment program that includes journalists as guests, is hanging out his shingle so he can make some real money. His first client is the Liquor Liability Joint Underwriting Association of Massachusetts. Sounds boring until you think they have an interest in every drunken driving case in the Commonwealth.

What most intriguing about this story -- beyond the contract interpretation that will be sorted out in another venue -- is this quote from Northeastern University journalism school director Stephen Burgard:
"For a serious news organization, it would be unthinkable. Finneran's plan could raise questions about his agenda on-air and might require him to recuse himself from talking about some topics."
Excuse me?

Then he catches himself and adds:
"Clearly, talk radio is partially entertainment and his job is to be interesting ... (but) even under those circumstances there are credibility issues."
Ya think?

But then again, if being a convicted felon by virtue of lying under oath about his official actions doesn't raise credibility issues, why should we worry about a little thing like lobbying?

To even put "serious news organization" and "talk radio host" in the same sentence suggests a problem with concepts that I would not expect of someone who runs a pretty good journalism school.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom who?

April 09, 2008 9:02 AM  

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