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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I can't wait for this story

As we lament the brutal Icelandic economy that took a vibrant media outlet from our midst, it's time to cast a longing gaze on what will fill the void left by BostonNOW.

Not the Herald and its lovely scoop on Darth Cheney challenging Hillary to go on a hunting trip. Or even the Globe's scintillating look at the tourist trap that ate Boston. No, it's this gem sitting in the middle of the Reporters' Questions in the Globe's on-line front page.
Ever been solicited?
Have you been approached by a prostitute or call girl while attending any major conventions or sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, PGA, US Open, or World Series?...
Yo, Eliot, check this out. Maybe you should get in touch with the Globe?

I actually have no quarrel with the concept of the Reporters' Question that runs down the right hand side of the page. It's at least an effort to be interactive and reach out to readers for tips.

But let's suppose for a second that someone propositioned by a hooker actually wants to tell their story in a major metropolitan newspaper -- how are you going to verify it? Ask for receipts? Pictures?

And that's only after you get around the larger question -- what in the heck is the purpose of the story in the first place? To prove the World's Oldest Profession is alive and well? That major sporting events and debauchery go hand-in-hand?

What makes sporting event solicitation better or worse than the Combat Zone or Client Np. 9's escapades?

On the other hand, if the Globe actually gets this story, it will make those Page One stories about mausoleums and Vermont cheese heads seem quaint.

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