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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Knee deep in the Big Muddy

What in the world that's new can be said about the Democratic Death March?

Hillary Clinton scored a 10-point victory over Barack Obama in a state she was expected to win. The margin is big enough to quiet calls for her to get out, at least temporarily. But will it make a difference in the delegate margin, the popular vote totals across the states or in the minds of the superdelegates who will ultimately decide this thing?

Barack Obama lost a state he was supposed to lose. What does this say about his ability to seal the deal in November? But supporters can says that he showed better strength that could be expected after having the kitchen sink, let alone Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, bitterness and even Osama bin Laden thrown at him. Clinton ran a mini-version of the GOP campaign and won a state by a smaller margin than what polls showed she had prior to the onslaught.

So now the Democrats have two battered candidates slogging on to North Carolina and Indiana. One is like Obama territory, the other thought to be Clinton Country. Seven more primaries and caucuses after that. Millions more to be spent on the ground and in the air, doing John McCain's work for him.

Democracy isn't pretty. Democratic Party politics even less so. The voters will truly decide this one, as it should be. Either person to emerge from this battle will be bloodied.

The one thing that I remain puzzled by is the thought that the loser's backers will skip over to McCain in an election that will present as sharp a contrast as I can recall between the parties.

McCain carries the banner of the War Party, the Party of the Haves. Clinton or Obama will bear the flag of the Gang That Can't Get Anything Done. I see the loser's voters staying home at this point, unless the so-called Wise Men (and Nancy Pelosi) come up with some good ideas, and quick, about how to avoid losing the most winnable election of the last two generations.

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