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Monday, April 28, 2008

Missing link

As if anyone needed proof that the Republican fall campaign will be the usual dose of fear and smear, St. John McCain has personally taken up the issue of Barack Obama and Pastor Wright.

The halo McCain tried to seize by chastising the North Carolina Republican Party for a slime attack on Obama fell off yesterday -- and McCain is trying to blame Obama. He says the Illinois senator's comments that Wright is a "legitimate political issue" gives him the right to speak about Wright's sermons.

As I noted the other day, only piece of the Wright story is being pursued by the mainstream media. Leave it to The New Yorker and Jon Stewart to take a closer look at issue and the coverage respectively.

And leave it to the MSM to fail to link McCain to his own controversial pastor. I guess they don't get John Hagee's program on board The Straight Talk Express.

Hagee, you may recall, said Hurricane Katrina was God's wrath on New Orleans for holding a Gay Pride parade. Hagee also believes the End Times are near and he likes to link Adolf Hitler to the Catholic Church.

Allow me to provide those links that the Times must have inadvertently forgotten in covering the story of religious men with controversial views. And you be the judge of who is a bigger danger.

Maybe a bobby pin will help keep that halo up, Senator. It usually works with yarmulkes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not on this topic, but to add to your coverage of the declining Boston Globe: One-fifth of the space normally allotted to news on the Globe's Metro front page today was an advertisement! 20%!

April 28, 2008 7:21 AM  

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