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Monday, April 07, 2008

Mr. Grumpy ponders

Some random thoughts here, there and everywhere...

  • If credit card companies are so concerned about identity theft and privacy, why do they bombard you with those "instant death" checks where all someone needs to do is write a large number and forge a signature and make away with scads of cash? And you get stuck with lots of fees and charges?
  • You know a political campaign has gone on waaay to long when the (long overdue) resignation of a top campaign aide captures the top story spot. And what exactly was Mark Penn thinking when he conducted company business on Hillary's time when that business was diametrically opposed to her own?
  • The surge's math is simple. John McCain may not like the fact Barack Obama keeps bringing up his 100-year presence in Iraq remark, a la Korea, but it sure looks likely, especially when the other part of the "bargain," Iraqi reconciliation is clearly proving to be a joke.

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