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Monday, April 14, 2008

...only outlaws will have pseudoephedrine

Ah spring. Time for trees budding, crocuses and daffodils trying to survive in New England's roller coaster weather. And allergies. And sinus headaches. And time for another visit to Club Pseudo-Phed.

You know the problem. Pseudoephedrine is the active ingredient in crystal meth. It takes about 1,000 60 mg pills -- the average dose for four-to six hours of relief -- to make an ounce of crystal meth. Someone going to a drug store to buy that kind of sinus medication would surely be noticed.

But, thanks to our friends in Congress, we don't have to worry. The can't stop the war in Iraq, balance the federal budget or send real relief to New Orleans, but by gosh they can crack down on crankheads. To quote the Walgreen's receipt:
Federal law limits the sale of pseudoephedrine products to no more than 3.6 grams per person per day and limits the an individual's purchase to 9 grams or less in a 30-day period. Some states are more restrictive.
So, I just scored 1.4 grams of the good stuff (and that's only because I couldn't find the really good stuff, laced with acetaminophen. You know, Tylenol). I got 48 pills, enough to combat 48 miserable sinus headaches. And heck, I've got room for a lot more headaches in the next 30 days!

Of course I had to present my driver's license, but thankfully I did not have to sign over the rights to my first born.

Of course, I could have gone the easy route and bought phenylephrine, the "new" pseudoephedrine. One problem though. It doesn't work!

I hope the darn thing kicks in soon.

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