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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Wrong Stuff

No, not Barack Obama. But as for Jeremiah Wright's bizarre national tour to destroy the first serious African-American candidate for president, well...

I have tried to be understanding of Wright after reading a little about black liberation theology, but the events of the past week have me scratching my head here over what the man is trying to teach. The federal government infecting black men with syphilis raises legitimate questions. But the answers do not involve trying to destroy a candidate who represents the first real change in the role of African-Americans on this society.

Nor does not explain why he has has crudely turned against what seemed like his only prominent national defender -- and explains why Obama has finally returned the favor.

Wright's tour seems timed to cause maximum damage -- after the controversy had died down in the MSM (even as his inflammatory remarks continue to bounce around the cable yak shows and the web). His National Press Club performance was shocking, even raising suggestions that his appearance was arranged by a Clinton supporter to torpedo his candidacy.

It may work. As the Washington Post notes:
"I was, like, what is this guy doing?" Pennsylvania state Sen. Anthony Williams, an Obama supporter, said as he watched Wright bob and weave on television like a welterweight as he answered questions at the press club. Georgetown University professor Christopher Chambers, another Obama supporter, thought, "This is a disaster." Commenting on the blog Jack and Jill Politics, which says it offers "the black bourgeois perspective on American politics," Chambers assessed Obama's chances of beating Clinton in two words: "Game over."
What does it say about a pastor who turns on a member of his flock after that member went out of his way to avoid piling on initially? What is it in Wright's psyche that compelled him to launch this destructive mission?

And why is it that religion continues to dominate our political discourse -- whether the agent of hate wrapped in "love" is named Wright, or Hagee or Robertson or Falwell?

There is a reason the Founding Fathers sought a separation of church and state. We're seeing it play out yet again.

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