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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

California dreamin'

Hey, Bill Weld had the same idea.

This Associated Press news item last week got scant attention:
BOSTON—Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has reached a deal to buy a home in southern California.
After all, what's another home, a place to indulge his wife Ann a chance to ride horses? It would only join homes in Utah, New Hampshire and Massachusetts (and a recently rediscovered native urge in Michigan) for the man of the people.

And maybe a way for him to boost his Second Banana status in the eyes of John McCain.

But no one ever said Myth Romney was a fool (just an inconsistent, pandering salesman). It's part of his 50-state strategy for the White House.

And it just so happens that the governor's office will be available after 2010, when the term-limited, Constitutionally-restricted-from-running-for-president-Governator will need to leave office.

So here's the deal: Massachusetts swaps Mitt and Ann for Ahnuld and Maria. Myth gets to emulate Weld's efforts to be governor from two different states and the Schwarzeneggers get to return to Maria's home state and ponder a run for the US Senate. (But he would have to learn to how to pronounce Massachusetts better than Cahlifornia).

And Myth would have someplace to drive that white Mustang with racing stripes.

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