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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Give it up!

Just when you think Deval Patrick may have turned a corner and figured out how not to run his administration into the ground, he comes up with a doozy.

Patrick told the Brookline Chamber of Commerce that ideas killed in one legislative session can often resurface in another -- pointing to casino gambling as an example.

That is true. But a word to the wise, don't be the source of the legislation.

The depth of opposition to the idea goes beyond the arms that may or may not have been twisted by Speaker Sal DiMasi. Whether DiMasi is around next session or not, there remains a deep reservoir of hostility to the idea on Beacon Hill among people who aren't going anywhere.

And if you do insist on bringing the proposal back next year, it's imperative you do a much better job of public education -- and support-building.

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