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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The House of Cards

Boy, it was sure good timing on Sal DiMasi's part to repay the loan he got from long-time friend and accountant Richard Vitale.

Vitale could probably use the $178,000 leftover balance now that he has "retired" from the accounting firm he helped to found 30 years ago.
“This has been in the works since last July. It was a perfect storm,” Vitale spokesman George Regan said. “He cashed out and a new partner was named to take over his accounts. That was his intention, to retire all along.”
Why don't I believe Regan that this action, days after Vitale belatedly registered as a lobbyist -- and just one day after Ace Ticket did what he did not and acknowledged they were his client -- was in the works for a long time?

Is it because the IRS paperwork for the golf tournament that Vitale runs in his brother's name and hosted by DiMasi is still not up-to-date? Aren't accountants and the IRS supposed to work hand-in-hand?

I guess that all amiable, "phased-in" retirements include the abrupt decision to take the founder's picture and profile off the the company web site.

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