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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Hey, operator of Green Line car 3851 this morning on Commonwealth Avenue: I pay your salary. And so do another 1.3 million people a day.

So here's a piece of friendly advice from an old jingle: a little courtesy won't kill you.

In the time it took you to ignore my knocks, shake your head in refusing to open the door in the rain and motion me to run to the front car, you could have opened the door, let me on, closed it and the train would still have been stopped at the same red light.

And you would have received a grateful thank you.

I''m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that T policy says screw the customer once you've closed the door. Smilin' Dan talks a good game about the paying schlub, but the reality is very different.

But there are many operators who will open the door and let someone in out of the rain. If they are breaking policy, I say bravo to them.

With the increase in ridership, the sardines, er, paying customers need to be treated with basic common courtesy and respect. It's a tough thing I know, but give it a try.

Meanwhile, I know why that train was rushing to get moving. When I arrived in Kenmore, I found a crush of 100-plus people trying to get on the car I was trying to exit. The train I had missed was virtually empty when it left me standing there, meaning it was probably off schedule anyway.

But then operator of car 3851 didn't have to deal with the mob at Kenmore either. It was long gone. Just like the goodwill people have toward the MBTA.

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