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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Creeping to the finish line

Sleep deprivation. It makes you do strange things. Like read Dan Shaughnessy.

Electronically leaf through the local papers and there's little else but Celtics mania (not necessarily an awful thing) The presidential campaign is on a semi-hiatus and Legislature has shut down for Bunker Hill Day and the BIO convention in San Diego (when have you even seen politicians leave the state for the coast opposite the big ticket?)

And speaking of the Big Ticket, when was the last time you recall an athlete who didn't speak in cliche?
"It was trash," [Kevin] Garnett said after Game 5's 103-98 loss. "I played like garbage. I can do better and I will."
If only we heard The Truth like that from our leaders. They would be Most Valuable People.

There's not much to say as the Celtics and Lakers head into Game Six. The Celtics did what they had to do, win one on LA. They have two more chances to close things out. If not tonight, then Thursday.

But there are newspapers to fill and newscasts to air, so we are treated to Shaughnessy Snark and Bob Ryan lamenting the lack of artistry in an NBA Finals. A line flashed across the screen on ESPN trumpeting coverage with "Pressure on the Celtics?"

No. For LA, it's still win or go home. The Celtics are the one with wiggle room. Home court. And a Big Ticket who is none to happy with his play.

That will allow people to return to more normal schedules and fill the newscasts back up with their staples of fires and murders. Unfortunately, we can't do much about Shaughnessy -- except start ignoring him again.

Beat LA!

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