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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Death with dignity -- campaign style

It's over. Barack Obama has won an historic victory over Hillary Clinton in a hard-fought Democratic primary that covered 50 states and commonwealths from the Caribbean to the South Pacific.

Obama had a rightful moment in the sun last night in prevailing as the first African-American candidate to win a major party nomination.

Clinton deserves the same when she concedes that she came up short in her quest to be the first woman nominee of a major political party. Her candidacy was as historic as his. The better organization and strategy won.

But when Clinton takes the stage, let us hope her accomplishments are not blemished. Her concession must be just that. No vows to carry her fight to the convention. Nothing that resembles the bare knuckle tactics that frequently marked her campaign.

It's true the Democratic Party has a nasty habit of eating its seed corn. But Clinton is an extraordinary woman with extraordinary talents that can be valuable in turning this country around from the disaster of the Bush years,

But to do that, she must bow out graciously. Let's hope her better angels prevail.

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