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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Familiarity breeds...

They're baack -- and they want your votes.

One shows up every six years. The other just won't go away.

Let's first dispense with the one who won't go away -- Myth Romney. Say what you will for the man, you can't keep him off the stage. Unless you get a silver stake and a full moon.

Romney's latest conversion is as lead cheerleader of the John McCain for President Club. Quite a far cry from what the Myth Maker was saying back at the end of December and early January.

You remember: he was playing Twister by insisting he was the one true conservative in the race, unlike that apostate McCain who actually tried to find common ground with liberals and moderates on things like immigration.

Until McCain reminded us of the undocumented Guatemalan gardeners. "Sanctuary mansion" was the phrase.

No problem, says Mitt's mouthpiece, Charley Manning.
"I think John McCain's long been known as a person who has a very strong temper, and that sometimes gets the best of him," he said. "I think we saw that in some of the debates and some of his attacks on Mitt Romney, but I don't think Mitt ever took it personally."
And I'm sure McCain won't be troubled by the temper crack when he comes down to selecting his No. 2.

But while Romney panders across the landscape, John Kerry prefers to focus locally -- at least once every six years.

The Bay State's junior senator is up for reelection this year -- why else would he deign us with his presence? You have the 17-year cicada and the six-year candidate.

Long Jawn was in Lowell yesterday to accept the Democratic Party endorsement for a fifth six-year term. Of course it could be a six-week term if Barack Obama bests McCain in November.

I always though the best kept secret of the 2004 campaign was the fact that many Massachusetts Democrats and progressives held their nose in voting for the party's presidential nominee.

Kerry has been aloof as a senator -- focusing on national and international issues. It's true constituent service was less important when you consider the work done by Ted Kennedy. But the once-every-six-year routine is starting to get old.

That's why it's a good thing for Kerry to get a nomination challenge. Not that electing Ed O'Reilly would be wise move.

Nothing against the Gloucester lobsterman/lawyer. He's right to press Kerry for being for Iraq before he was against it.

But with Massachusetts facing the eventual loss of its leading champion (hopefully not until 2012 at the earliest) and another House seat, it would be foolhardy to toss away 24 years of seniority.

Kerry seems to recognize it:
"I'm here with humility to ask for your support," Kerry said, after being introduced by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. "We have literally so much unfinished business. . . . My friends, I have more energy, I feel more focused, I'm more ready for the fight than ever before."
Unless Obama comes calling.

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