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Friday, June 13, 2008

Hindsight is 97-91

I admit it. There is no way I would have stuck with this game even if I could keep my eyes open. Down 21 after 12 minutes?

But sometime insomnia has some value -- like watching ESPN's repeat of Game 4 between 3 and 5 a.m. And even then, it took knowledge of the outcome to stick with it.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Lakers. Two different games. And what an unbelievable turn of events.

In Boston -- and around much of the hoop world -- this game will be known as the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history. In LA, well, there will be references to tight neckties.

And in fairness and as a reality check, I will remind all of us (Yankees fans don't need it) that it is physically possible to come back from 3-0, let alone 3-1.

But watching Laker body language and listening to Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant, that would be one incredibly high mountain to climb.

Start with the heroes of Game Four -- James Posey and Eddie "Don't Lock Me In The" House. When this season started, questions abounded, starting with the bench. Sure Leon Powe matured and became a force and Danny Ainge made some nice moves with PJ Brown and Sam Cassell.

But the season started with Posey and House as the best of the bench and last night they showed why.

And to everyone who wrote Ray Allen off earlier in the playoffs during his shooting slump: Pfffffht. If you thought Allen was starting to age before our eyes guess again: 48 minutes and a highlight reel classic in playing with Sasha Vujacic to kill some clock, drive the lane and stick in a killer layup in t he waning seconds.

Then there is the Captain. Paul Pierce has brought his A-plus game. The defense job he did on Kobe Bryant in the second half was immense. After scoring 58 without much help from Bryant in the first half, all the Lakers could muster was 33 in the second half, because Pierce would not allow Bryant to get started.

They would not be where they are now without Pierce, Allen and Kevin Garnett. But Pierce has been the unsung partner. He had seen so many bad times, who could blame people for overlooking his contributions to the new era.

So let's get it done. Pierce, Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo are all banged up. Let them get to healing.

See you Sunday.

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