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Friday, June 06, 2008

Laundry list

Does the MBTA employ planners?

Our beloved transit system racks up a two-fer today: subway cars on where you become overly familiar with your neighbor and a bridge that can cause a flood.

The problems on the Blue Line sound awful familiar to a regular Green Line rider: fewer, more uncomfortable seats, bumpy, jerky rides that make you struggle to keep your feet.

Did Breda build them? No it was Siemens, but they must have consulted.

Far more ludicrous is the fact the T was tear down and rebuild a $532 million bridge along the Greenbush line. Why? The bridge could raise flood levels by an inch.

It was interesting that T management was quick to absolve the contractors of any responsibility because:
... they could not calculate the flooding problems in advance, without significantly delaying the project with more engineering. A hydraulic analysis pinpointed the flood problems a year after the bridge was built, in 2006.
In an organization that is prone to nonsensical answers, this one is ridiculously high up there. The line was in planning for at least a gazillion years. And it's better to waste hundreds of millions of dollars than the delay the project even more?

Oh, and it's hard not to notice that one of those contractors is Jay Cashman, Inc.

Where have I heard that name before?

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