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Thursday, June 19, 2008

We interrupt our celebration...

Breaking news from the Herald: Deval Patrick is skipping a party to do his job.

Yes, the Herald's Enterprising Reporter is at it again with an important item that I'm surprised the Herald didn't headline "Gov snubs Hub for LaLa Land junket"

Here's the lead that appears today:
When the “rolling rally” celebrating Boston’s newest sports champs rolls by the State House today, Gov. Deval Patrick won’t be there cheering - he’ll be meeting instead with Hollywood studio executives and traveling to a Barack Obama rally in Chicago.
Through unreliable sources (such as my imagination) I was able to obtain a rejected draft:
When the Celtics rolling rally kicks off today within earshot of his tastefully furnished (at taxpayers' expense) Beacon Hill office, Gov. Deval Patrick will be thousands of miles away -- in Los Angeles -- planning his own "Escape from Massachusetts" meeting with Hollywood executives before jetting east to meet with his pal Barack Obama.
Patrick's Hub Snub may include talks about screen rights to his own book, set for publication when he is scheduled to leave office in 2010. And a post in an Obama cabinet is potentially on the agenda when Patrick privately huddles with his friend and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee before or after a unity meeting for Democratic governors.
OK, maybe not.

As for me, I'm digging out the only piece of somewhat green clothing I own for an important 11 a.m. "meeting" where I will join thousands of loathed Bostonians in celebrating the return of Celtics Pride.

But don't include me in that roster. I still harbor hopes the Indians can turn it around this season. And who knows, maybe the Browns can emulate the Green in creating a sporting turnaround for ages.

And unless the Lakers develop a heart to go with their roster, pencil me in for doing it again nest year.

UPDATE: In all fairness, I also can't help but wonder how Dan Shaughnessy is going to deal with the dizziness that comes from jumping off and on the bandwagon so much.

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