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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's happening?

Is it the heat? Or The Finals? Or a temporary lull in the Endless Campaign?

Scouring the headlines in search of something outrageous to reflect on and the realization hit that there ain't much.

Oh sure, Barack Obama is coming out of the gate hard at John McCain in a political version of the Golden Rule (Do Unto Others as They Would Do Unto You -- Only Do it First). There's the murder trial of the creepy Neil Entwistle. Ted Kennedy is back home in Hyannis Port, showing us what dignity is all about.

But everything else seems to have ground to a halt. The Legislature, we're told, is working behind the scenes on energy, life sciences, child abuse and neglect -- not to mention a budget and corporate taxes. The topic of conversation on Beacon Hill has even swung temporarily, from Sal DiMasi to the creepy Jim Marzilli.

I guess we're in the dog days of June -- high heat and humidity saps a lot of life out of you.

So does staying up well past midnight watching The Finals. For those of us who can.

But even hoop talk seems subdued. Maybe it's because I work in what could be described as Ground Zero of Red Sox Nation. The guys in Green are a mere afterthought, something to discussed with a breezy "that's nice" rather than an in-depth discussion of Ray Allen's earlier shooting woes, KG's intensity or Paul Pierce's rise to the level of The Man during the playoffs.

The heat is certainly topic No. 1, but after you say "what do you mean there's no such thing as global warming?" what more is there to say?

Just like now.



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