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Saturday, July 19, 2008

How can we Myth you when you won't go away?

Ah, summer. Deep bronze tans and flip-flops. That can only mean one thing. He's baaaaaack!

Yes, Myth Romney, the man who has as many positions as the Kama Sutra, is returning to the political stage, touted as a potential running mate for John McCain.

You remember Myth, the man Johnnie Mac displayed open disdain for in the Republican primary season -- largely because he was now against everything he used to be for. Like a woman's right to choose. Or gay rights. Or gun control. Or immigration (or at least landscapers). And let's not forget how he mentally checked out on his job after two years of a four-year term.

Oh, and who once equated spending his own money on the campaign as being "akin to a nightmare" before slowly sidling over the other side and saying he will treat the $45 million of his sons' inheritance he dropped on his own quest as a contribution and not a loan.

But Johnnie Mac has a problem. He knows this campaign is going to focus on economic issues and, by how own admission, he doesn't know a lot about that topic. Myth, on the other hand, was a successful venture capitalist, building and breaking businesses.

And then there's the matter of the inheritance.

With Barack Obama foregoing federal campaign cash, McCain is going to need someone with the ability to come up with the dough he can't raise because he's staying in the federal system. If Romney only dropped $45 million on his own campaign, that leaves up to $205 million he can bring to bear on this race -- if you believe the estimates floating around out there. There are no limits on what a candidate can spend from his own personal funds.

Besides, as Richard Nixon used to say, Myth appears tanned, rested and ready, apparently unaware of the importance of sunblock. Once an Empty Suit, always a well-tailored, telegenic Empty Suit.

Of course, the McCain camp would probably love that New York Times image back, given how the Arizona senator, who has a history of skin cancer, is the appropriate pasty shade he should be after his encounters.

But doesn't that also suggest Myth is the answer to the unspoken age question?

While regular readers know how I feel about Myth, I must say there is a part of me that would welcome his revival. Between Romney's own checkered, flip-flipping past to the mental gymnastics McCain would have to perform to to get away from his own words about his potential partner, I would have daily fodder.

I may not be tanned and rested, but I am ready!

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