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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Creepy feeling

There's a decided creepy feeling to the news this summer:

In Boston, we're becoming increasingly drawn to the weird story of Clark Rockefeller, which started as a simple Amber Alert parent-child abduction and is morphing into a made-for-TV movie with tales of intrigue branching out to Los Angeles and Connecticut, for starters.

In national politics, we have the emergence of Paris Hilton and tire gauges as the symbols of political combat. What war? What tanking economy?

On Beacon Hill, we have our own little political sideshow, the continued questions that arise about Speaker Sal DiMasi and the increasingly interesting travails of Sutton Democrat Jennifer Callahan.

Remind anyone else of the summer of 2001? Sharks, Chandra Levy and assorted other stories to divert our attention from the reality of economic problems and, in 20-20 hindsight, a presidential daily briefing that our vacationing president seemed to overlook.

I have no special insights, so those Justice Department sleuths who were brought in to crusade against the word "liberal" don't need to worry about me.

But I just can't help but be struck by the creepy parallels. And heaven knows Clark Rockefaker or Crockefeller or whatever his real name is is creepy.

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