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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Friends of Tim Cahill

I think I've been going about this all wrong. Instead of writing about the interrelationship between friends, politics and money I should be in the middle of it.

Then I too could get on the gravy train for $3,000 a month in walking around money.

Oh, and Richard Vitale -- talk to your mutual friend George Regan how you can get the same deal as Treasurer Tim's buddy Thomas Kelly.

At least Vitale appeared to be doing something to earn the money he was pulling in as a result of his relationship with Sal DiMasi. I'm hard pressed, after reading the Globe story, to see what, if anything Kelly did for his monthly three grand other than serve as Tim Cahill's neighbor, friend and fund-raiser.

The recently loquacious treasurer wasn't talking to the Globe about his relationship with Kelly or what role, if any, that Kelly might have had in the state deciding to re-up its lottery contract with Scientific Games -- which generously retained Kelly through the offices of PR maven George Regan.

Regan, like Cahill's office, preferred a written statement about his relationship with Scientific Games and Kelly. More's the pity, because the arrangement is truly a head scratcher.

Cahill, of course, has been making some noise recently by taking on Deval Patrick and staking out contrary positions to Patrick (and occasionally himself) on bonding questions surrounding the Turnpike Authority and the Massachusetts Education Financing Authority.

What's also interesting is that Cahill appears to have taken an opposite position from Doug Rubin -- then First Deputy Treasurer and now Patrick's chief of staff -- on whether to retain Scientific Games for the lottery contract.

You know what they say about Massachusetts -- it's all about politics, sports and revenge.

Given the state's ineffective laws enforcing lobbying disclosures, it's unclear if we will ever learn what Kelly did for his monthly retainer -- which Scientific Games paid over and above a $5,000 monthly nut to Regan Communications.

But it sure offers some interesting chats on the links or by the pool.

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