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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mitt can't handle the truth

If Myth Romney is John McCain's truth squad we are in even bigger trouble than I thought.

In a piece of stagecraft on par with another former Massachusetts governor's tank appearance, the Man from Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire and Utah (three homes fewer than John McCain) stood behind a "Not Ready 08" to question Barack Obama's leadership skills.

The Mittser, who may or may not be on McCain's short list for Second Banana, was the GOP attack poodle, castigating Democrats for every sin under the sun. But truth is a fungible item for Our Man Mitt.

Let's parse this sentence:
"I worked very hard to help people" in Massachusetts, Romney responded yesterday on CNN, taking credit for a bipartisan healthcare plan that has insured nearly 440,000 residents since 2006. "The truth is the first casualty of the new politics presented by the Obama campaign," Romney added.
Yep, truth is a casualty all right, said the man who walked out on the job after two years so he could run for president. Oh, and who was for Massachusetts health care reform before he was against it.

Or this:
Asked during the luncheon whether he had talked with McCain about the vice presidency, Romney said, "That's not a topic we've discussed."
Not even McCain's folks would bail him out of that one:
But a McCain aide who watched Romney's performance said, "I wouldn't read anything into" Romney's comment.
So the man with two positions on just about everything from guns and a woman's right to choose to varmints and his devotion to Massachusetts is auditioning for the No. 2 job on a McCain ticket.

As a blogger, it would be a dream ticket: 11 houses and a vice presidential debate requiring three podiums: one for Joe Biden, the other two for each of Mitt's positions.

As a nation, well, that's another thing.

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Blogger bunkosquad said...

Mitt needs to be more mindful of framing. Why, anyone could crop that picture so it just shows Mitt's face and the words "NotReady" and use it over and over again! Not that I'm suggesting that, of course.

August 27, 2008 9:54 AM  
Blogger Outraged Liberal said...

Of course not! But maybe cropping wouldn't be a good thing. Mrs. O.L. noted that Obama is pointing to Romney and the "Not Ready"address.

August 27, 2008 6:58 PM  

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