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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

'No way, no how, no McCain'

Hillary Clinton sure picked a heckuva time to deliver the best speech of her life.

There was little doubt where Clinton was headed when she offered strong support for Barack Obama within the opening sentences of her speech to a Democratic Convention that was kept alive mainly by the blathering of pundits about whether peace is at hand. (Note to political junkies: watch C-SPAN).

The speech will likely be remembered among the pantheon that includes Ted Kennedy's "Dream Will Never Die" speech in 1980.

But unlike that address, which staked out Kennedy's beliefs in a way that damaged nominee Jimmy Carter, Clinton staked her political claim will forcefully proclaiming that if she can't do it, then Obama will.

Time and again, she told her most diehard supporters that a vote for John McCain is a disservice to everything that she -- and Obama -- stand for. She offered praise for her friend the Arizona senator, while dismembering him politically.

The speech laid bare the childishness and rank amateurness of the McCain strategy to peel off Clinton voters. The foolish Wisconsin delegate who made a McCain commercial will long live to regret her endorsement of a man who won't even support equal pay for women.

So now we are left to see if Bill Clinton can surmount his animus and deliver another home run for Obama.

And then we will be left with the true spectacle of an African-American man taking a huge step in fulfilling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream on the 45th anniversary of a speech that truly rates among the American pantheon.

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