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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The silly season

We're definitely into the political silly season -- Michael Phelps has done his thing and there's very little to talk about other than crab grass, the downward movement of gasoline and of course whether Manny faked his way out of town.

With that void, talk of vice presidential candidacies fill news holes in print and on television. Heck, Anderson Cooper somehow managed an hour on a topic without one solid piece of news to work with.

We know the punditocracy is hard at work with the short lists. For Barack Obama, attention focuses on senators Joe Biden of Delaware, Evan Bayh of Indiana and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. I'm here to debunk the rumor (that I just made up) that Globe columnist Kevin Cullen was really in Delaware recently to vet Biden.

For the Republicans, attention focuses on Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and our very own Myth Romney.

As a blogger, I ache to reprise all my Myth Romney posts and come up with some new ones. You know, like a vice presidential debate would require three podiums -- one for the Democrat and one for each of Myth's positions. Bah-da-boom.

Of course, it's important to note that pundits all say Romney could put Michigan in play. No mention of the poll that shows he would help McCain lose Massachusetts by an even larger margin than another Republican.

But for pure silly season foolishness, look no farther than the John Kerry for Veep boomlet.


I can see it all again -- windsurfing and Swift boats. Allusions to two foreigners on the ticket, with a Frenchman as a running mate. Yada. Yada. Yada. The ultimate dream ticket for the GOP smear and fear gang.

No mention of polls that would probably suggest that Kerry would hurt Obama in Massachusetts.

But as the Massachusetts Liberal I would love to have two Bay State pols on the ticket. The Empty Suit against Long Jawn. Comparisons of Myth's homes against Teresa's.

And endless speculation over whether the Red Sox's success/failure would help/hurt Myth/Jawn.

Talk about a silly season. Bring it on!

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