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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tough talk

The change mockers are a little shaken right now.

Barack Obama delivered a classic iron fist message wrapped inside a velvet glove to more than 80,000 in a Denver stadium and millions around the nation.

It will take a little time -- and sleep -- to fully assess the speech. But the directness with which he went after John McCain was a bit surprising -- and highly appropriate. The effort to flesh out specifics at the expense of rhetoric was also a bit unexpected -- and necessary.

After being subjected to a withering mockery, Obama used his national stage to give back as good as he has gotten. Using what will be the Democrats theme, he praised McCain's military service, then lit into him on issue after issue.

There were topics sure to gladden the hearts of diehard liberals. There were also declarations -- about nuclear power, responsible fathers, guns, abortion and same sex marriage -- sure to rile those who make the perfect the enemy of the good.

At first blush, an impressive, substantive performance. It will be interesting to check out the spin -- all the more important with McCain's plans to change the subject quickly tomorrow with the naming of his running mate.

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