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Thursday, August 28, 2008

What are they smoking?

The Globe ignored it (or buried it so deep it would need a diver to find). The Herald opted to focus on 2010. The TV stations dutifully played along.

"It" is the opening of the McCain Massachusetts headquarters -- and the usual claims that accompany such an event. Try this:
"If anyone can do it here in Massachusetts, it's going to be John McCain," said Holliston Rep. Paul Loscocco, R-District 8.
Or this:
"We have them and we're reaching out getting more and more people," state Republican Chairwoman Jean Inman said. "We're ready right now to do that."
Brave words from the incredibly shrinking Massachusetts GOP. Political theater and all that.

But I would suggest political theater of the absurd.

The party is in disarray -- which is nothing new. It's been that way for more than 20 years. After losing the Corner Office and with a Senate contingent that could fit into a phone booth (if you could find one), the state GOP is need of warm bodies to run for office. In 2010, because they couldn't get it done this year.

Then there's the Brotherhood of the Traveling Governors. It was left for Ambassador Paul Cellucci -- who backed Rudy Giuliani in the primaries -- to speak for McCain prospects. Was that because the chief McCain backer, former Gov. Jane Swift has learned her lessons about bad moves?

At least Cellooch wasn't foolish enough to follow the trail blazed by the departing Rep. Loscocco. That's why he was touting Charlie Baker in 2010. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Nor was anyone biting -- at least on the record -- about the speculation surrounding The Man Who Was Not There. No mention of the polls that suggest McCain could lose Massachusetts by an even larger margin if he opts to make Myth Romney his second banana.

After a string of governors who walked away -- particularly Romney's two-year no-show after he failed to bring up Republican legislative numbers -- this is a party that is on its last legs unless it somehow manages to find leadership. At the grassroots.

And it's hard to do that with the work done by George Bush and Co. over the last seven years. Just ask Jim Ogonowski.

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