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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Change we can believe it -- not

The stock market's apparently not the only thing melting down. So is Johnny Mac's credibility.

John McCain's change from a free market stalwart to a fiery populist raging against greed isn't working too well.

The latest New York Times poll is not the huge sigh of relief being sought by Barack Obama backers. His strength among key constituencies is not as strong as you would hope -- and you have to wonder whether that strong margin among young voters will actually translate into votes on Nov. 4.

It would appear, at the very least, the post-convention bounce has disappeared for both tickets. And with the economy headed farther south -- and Sarah Palin's actual record and qualifications starting to sink in -- the Obama camp should be somewhat less nervous today.

Besides McCain's flip-flops show now sign of ending.

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