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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sharing the pain

Let me get this straight -- $8.50 to drive through the Williams and Sumner tunnels in your car (probably $10 or more plus pool fee if you take a taxi). No gasoline tax increase and no tolls on I-93.

Just exactly how is this sharing the pain?

Deval Patrick remains squeamish about hiking the gas tax or making drivers using I-93 share in the costs incurred in building their preferred commuting option. So what are we to make of today's suggestion that sticking to Mass Pike drivers is the way to make up for the huge fiscal problems caused by mismanagement at the Turnpike Authority and the Big Dig dumped on it by the Legislature?

Is this a massive trial balloon to generate momentum for an equitable plan that shares the pain?

There is a stark difference even between the plans for dealing for major budget gaps at the Turnpike Authority and the MBTA. Subway and bus passengers are facing the prospect of major fare hikes or service cuts. User fees, if you will.

What about the folks who drive the Expressway daily from Braintree to New Hampshire? Why aren't they being asked for additional user fees?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's an idea.

Dissolve the TA or merge it with the MHD, and fire all it's employees and take away the tolls.

Wasn't there just an article on how it's basically only there to provide employment to it's employees and the union, giving little back to the state?

September 26, 2008 11:26 AM  

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